London, UK

Death Spray Custom (DSC) is a multi discipline artist whose love of the race track inspires his work, from a one off livery for Nelson Piquet Jr's NASCAR truck to Peter Sagan's Tour de France bike.

Death Spray Custom (DSC) created for R-M THE CODE the color Mercury Orchid - applied on a Simms Super V Speed Boat, painted by R-M - in retrospective inspiration from the colorful liveries that have brightened up race tracks during the golden age of motorsport.

Doom Tomb

Doom Tomb is the third and concluding chapter in a trilogy of shows by London based David Gwyther aka DSC. The Perfectly encapsulated the tone of voice and visual language that has made David one of the most in demand artists working today. Doom Tomb has all the playfulness, lush execution and curiosity that is synonymous with David’s work. After tackling the themes of consumerism and Identity in his previous sell out shows, Doom Tomb tackles the environment in a way only David can communicate. As one of the most respected culture influencers in the automotive and extreme sports arena, maybe it takes one of it’s own to flash the headlights on the issue. DSC is part of R-M THE CODE where R-M Paint and TheArsenale showcase various designers around Europe and their individual approach in creatingthe future. Colors play a crucial role and each artist creates its own color code with R-M paints.